Are you up-servicing your customers online?

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Are you up-servicing your customers online?

Recently customer service guru Shep Hyken wrote a blog post about the concept of “up-servicing” customers — giving them a better customer experience than they might expect.

When a company is up-servicing, efficiently pushing through customer service requests becomes less important than actually solving customers’ problems. Companies take the extra time and extra steps to anticipate what customers might need next, and make an attempt to provide that “extra something” to them as part of the service experience. Hyken’s example was the hotel concierge who not only points the guest in the direction of the closest movie theater, but also asks if she can provide suggestions for restaurants near the theater.

Doing this in your one-on-one customer interactions can be effective — but what about with your websites? When creating content for your website, are you looking for opportunities to up-service your customer at every turn? You can do this by:

  • Always considering what questions customers will be asking next. Consider the basic questions of any simple news story — who, what, when, where, why and how. At the end of a page, which one of these will occur to the customer? Where can you send the user to get answers to those questions?
  • Pointing them to other content that might be relevant. If customers are interested in one topic, they might be interested in a related piece of content. Rather than making them think of it and hunt for it, “serve up” relevant content like a favorite condiment that can complement a tasty entrée.
  • Appeal to their senses. As customers search for information, they may be hungry for content that helps them see and feel an experience rather than just read about it. Anticipate customers’ need for variety in their sensory experience, and think about visual or multimedia content that can satisfy.
  • Remind them what you want them to do. It seems obvious that if customers want to talk to you, they’ll pick up the phone or send an email. But gentle reminders speed up that process. Always remember the call to action — point them in the right direction so they’ll get to where they need to be faster!

Remember: if your online content isn’t serving your customers, it isn’t doing you any favors either! Always think about ways to make your content work harder to give your customers unexpectedly great experiences with your brand.

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