Why social matters for SEO

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Why social matters for SEO

You use social media for your business because that’s where your customers are. You find it valuable for brand awareness, customer service, leads and customer listening. But did you also know your social media activity can affect your website or blog’s page rank?

It seems the jury’s still out on exactly how search engines take social media (or “social signals”) into account as an indicator of a web page’s authority, but there’s general agreement in the SEO community that it’s happening and evolving. For example, social media activity is now just another of the 200 signals that Google uses to determine page rankings.

Take your social pulse two ways

The basic idea is that social signals fall into two categories. First, quantitative measurements like re-tweets (RTs), likes, +1s, followers, friends and shares. And don’t forget about inbound links — the more people like you and talk about you, the better.

Second, there’s a qualitative side to social media optimization (SMO). It really does matter who you know or, rather, who shares your links. On Twitter, for example, there’s a hierarchy of significance for the search engines — if a person with “authority,” who’s seen by other people as an expert with real value-add, re-tweets your links, it’s is a lot more significant to the search engines than a re-tweet by your Aunt Mathilda (unless, of course, Aunt Mathilda is a Twitter superstar in your industry).

You can’t get social if you don’t have something to say

Key to SMO is, you guessed it, great content. You won’t get the shares and likes or catch the eye of influencers if you don’t produce great stuff that’s relevant and useful to your audience and potential customers. And the more high-quality stuff you produce, the more fodder there is for social influencers to share.

That’s all well and good, you say. But how do I go about targeting those social influencers? This is a big, hairy topic for another post; for now, check out this infographic from mediabistro that gives some initial food for thought.

So, in a nutshell, the fact that social media affects your page ranking is yet another compelling reason to come on board the content strategy (party!) bus. See you there!

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