Confab 2013 Minneapolis: preparing for the future

Confab 2013 Minneapolis: preparing for the future

The entire Suite Seven team traveled to Minneapolis last week to attend Confab 2013, the content strategy conference now in its third year. Several hundred content strategists (and their funky eyeglasses and good shoes) attended from all over the country — lots of familiar faces, but a huge percentage of newcomers too.

In its third year, Confab reiterated many of the themes heard at previous events:

  • We need better communication to bridge the siloes that are inherent in our organizations and the cause of most of our content woes.
  • Content is very personal, and territorial feelings stand in the way of doing what’s best for the end user.
  • Doing better is more important than doing more.

But there was also a lot of talk about the future, and a loud and clear call to action for content strategists to lead the charge toward structured, adaptive content that could populate virtually any device. While the idea of “future-proofing” content is not a new one, the biggest takeaway of this year’s Confab is that the time has arrived for us to change the way we “do” content to meet the constantly changing demands of new platforms and devices — and that we’re the ones who will make it happen.

“We are here for change,” said Confab organizer Kristina Halvorson in her opening keynote. “You’re going to need to get ready for politics and having tough conversations; you’re going to need to open minds and hearts. You are here in preparation.”

As content strategists, Kristina continued, “don’t only seek a purpose and place for your content, but also for yourselves.” Our team is excited to take back new ways of thinking and begin to implement them in our clients’ work, to inspire a future of great content.

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