Construct the foundation and framework of your brand story.

Your brand encompasses so much more than your logo. It’s the promise you make to your customers — and your brand strategy is made up of all the elements that communicate and represent that promise.

Whether you’re launching a new brand or refreshing your existing one, a brand strategy and brand identity platform become the foundation for all your communications. Going through the process of developing your verbal brand upfront takes a great deal of the work out of future communication and content projects — and ensures you tell a clear, consistent and compelling story to your customers.

Suite Seven can work with you to develop your verbal brand strategy, including your positioning, messaging and brand voice. We also partner frequently with visual brand strategists to build out your visual identity system based on that brand foundation.

Our Capabilities

  • Discovery Interviews
  • Communication/Content Audits
  • Competitive Analyses
  • Persona Development
  • Positioning
  • Messaging Platforms
  • Brand Voice
  • Style Guides
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand and Messaging Workshops

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Why You Need Verbal Brand Strategy

A more valuable brand 

People know what to expect from your brand. They feel good about that experience, and that makes them feel loyal and more like to refer your brand to others. A solid, clear, consistent and delightful brand experience is priceless — but evidence from the brands that invest in it shows without a doubt that it pays off in higher revenue and value.

Aligning how you look and sound

Getting your brand strategy in place first ensures that your brand sounds as good as it looks. Solidifying your positioning and brand characteristics first gives you a foundation for all decisions made about your voice, messaging and visual brand elements.

Finding (and Expressing) Your Brand Voice


The Strategy Behind Your Online Story (SlideShare)

What story are you trying to tell? Figure it out first, before embarking on social media and digital marketing.