Establish yourself as the go-to source.

When your brand shares relevant, valuable knowledge, ideas and inspiration with your target customers, you position yourself as the source for expertise in your field. We can help you orchestrate content across your marketing channels to deliver relevant and thought-provoking information to prospects and customers at the right time.

Content marketing — also known as inbound marketing, because it’s about pulling in people looking for valuable information rather than pushing out marketing messages — can be incredibly effective. It can help change minds, educate prospects and guide them toward what they need, launch ongoing conversations, overcome objections and build long-term loyalty. Take that several steps further by investing in provocative, original content highly focused on a topic or issue, and you have a thought leadership communication program that can put you at the top of prospects’ must-consider lists.

Suite Seven works with you to develop a content marketing or thought leadership strategy that help you identify your target audiences, establish your goals, nail down your messages, and build cross-channel communication plans that map a cadence of relevant, attention-getting communications over time. Then, we can help you sustain your content marketing program with ongoing content development and editorial management.

Our Capabilities

  • Discovery Interviews
  • Communication/Content Audits
  • Competitive Analyses
  • Persona Development
  • Content Marketing / Thought Leadership Strategy Playbooks
  • Editorial Plans and Calendars
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Lead Nurture Campaigns
  • Editorial Management

Our content marketing / thought leadership projects

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Why You Need Content Marketing & Thought Leadership Strategy

Long, complex sales cycle

Over the months it takes for prospects to make their decision, so many factors can weigh in — and so many things can happen to steer them away from your brand. Content marketing helps to keep them engaged and make your brand top of mind.

MORE isn’t the right strategy

Too many brands make the mistake of believing that content marketing is about quantity — that if you recycle competitors’ content and put out a bunch of “stuff” it will trick search engines into ranking you. It doesn’t work. We help you define and achieve substance and quality.

Ad fatigue 

People now see so many advertising messages every day that they simply tune out. Content marketing is a way to pique their interest with information they actually want. It requires a special touch and strategic thinking to ensure you don’t betray trust with thinly disguised marketing — content marketing has to be different.

Defining the solution 

Forrester says 74% of B2B prospects select the vendors who help them define their problems and develop the buyer vision — and many of them are defining that vision before they ever actually talk to you, by researching online. Your content can go a long way to educating them and making them ready to buy your product.

Search engines love content — and so do salespeople

We often caution clients against thinking of content marketing is merely an SEO tactic, but quality, relevant content is a proven formula for attracting inbound traffic from search. It also helps with your sales enablement, giving salespeople valuable leave-behinds and conversation pieces that help them reignite relationships.

Laying the groundwork for loyalty

Companies who are recognized as thought leaders in their field have higher brand valuation, better financial returns, and better customer loyalty over time. Making an investment in a thought leadership communication program is a long-term strategy for the strength of your brand.

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