Your content is one of the most powerful tools you have to tell your unique story.

The way your content leads your audiences through an experience, informs and educates them, allows them to understand and absorb and go deeper — all of these abilities let you communicate leadership, establish differentiation, and create value for customers. Unfortunately, it’s hard to make content do all of that: it can be unwieldy, political, difficult and expensive to produce, and hard to keep fresh.

Suite Seven works with you to develop a content strategy for: what content you need to meet your business goals and user needs, what the style and tone of that content should be, how to prioritize your messages, how content should be organized and labeled, how to optimize content for search, and how to enable content relationships.

Websites built based on our content strategies have achieved higher engagement and lower bounce rates, as well as improved search engine rankings.

Our Capabilities

  • Discovery Interviews
  • Content Audits and Analyses
  • Competitive Analyses
  • Content Strategy Briefs
  • Site Maps
  • Taxonomies
  • Content Matrices
  • Wireframes
  • Content Models
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Metadata

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Why You Need Content Strategy

Setting communication priorities

Content isn’t a design element — it’s essential to helping you communicate your important messages. A content strategy helps you determine the amount, type, structure, organization, and prioritization of content to meet your communication goals.

Day two and beyond

Unlike with design, once you create great content for a website launch you’re not done — you’re just getting started. We help you plan for the “day two problem:” how to sustain your content over time.

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Content strategy focuses, plans and orchestrates your content, so you can use it to communicate your company’s leadership, reputation and difference and even add more value to your customer relationships.