Collaborate, contribute and create.

A brand strategy, messaging or content strategy workshop can be a great opportunity to bring together people with unique perspectives on your brand — and also generate buy-in and support through participation. Suite Seven leads half-day and all-day workshops that help your team focus and agree on who you’re communicating to, what makes your brand different, how your brand should be perceived, and what unique expertise and point of view your brand offers.

We design and facilitate each workshop, working with you to determine who should be involved, the format of the day, and the content of the session. We will then distill notes from the session into a brand, messaging or content strategy that will serve as your roadmap going forward.

Our Capabilities

  • Brand Strategy Workshops
  • Messaging Workshops
  • Content Strategy Workshops

What a Strategy Workshop Can Help You Achieve

Seat at the table

Getting the important stakeholders in the room and having them express their perspectives on brand differentiation, audience needs, and other essential topics can be an incredibly productive way to get differences out on the table — and work through them in real time. Surfacing these perspectives, and allowing teams to hear and recognize them, can be incredibly useful in building consensus down the road.

Fresh look at old challenges 

We design energetic group exercises that help individuals and teams see their goals and challenges in new ways. A workshop can shake people out of the status quo and get them to look through a new lens.

A chance to focus

Carving out a day or part of a day for a workshop means you get employees fully focused on the task at hand. We like workshops because it gets people away from their email and other distractions and into a place where they can concentrate on the topic — and that means stakeholders are often more excited, energetic and engaged.